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Image of lightbulb as symbol of disruptionWho Wants To Be Disrupted?

Welcome to Disruption News. This website is designed for those who are excited about the changes occurring, and about to occur, all around us. My goal in creating this site is to attract an audience that wants to learn about, discuss, understand, and possibly contribute to the future direction of technology and science in our world. They want it because they are intensely curious, avid life-long learners, who are excited and maybe even awed by the possibilities of the future. They are excited, rather than intimidated, by the pace of change. Disruption in any field is fascinating to them. Are you a member of that audience?

Are you eager to learn as much as you can about the disruptive trends in science and technology? Are you excited by the prospect of coming changes resulting from technological advances and scientific discoveries and breakthroughs? Are you passionate about continuing to learn as much as possible about those changes and trends?

You, The Reader Disrupted

If you answered “yes” to some or all of these questions, I think I may know you:

You spend time each morning reviewing the news for interesting developments. You like to check periodically on the internet to see what is happening in the rest of the world. You listen to podcasts and read books about changes and advances in technology and science. You probably have read a lot of science fiction.You do not see yourself or any individuals in particular as being overly important in the “grand scheme of things.” You think about large-scale issues like the evolution of mankind, where it has brought us and where it is headed. You are frustrated when government policy is influenced by unsound thinking that focuses on short-term benefits while ignoring long-term problems. You likely wish that you had been born, or could live, in the future rather than the present.You are excited by disruption.

A Sample List of Disruption Topics We Will Explore:

  1. biomedicine
  2. economics
  3. education
  4. marketing
    1. print
    2. radio
    3. television
    4. film
    5. internet
  5. medicine
  6. science
  7. technology
    1. biotechnology
    2. computer (e.g., quantum computing)
    3. internet  technology
    4. nanotechnology
    5. robotics

10 Benefits That Disruption News Will Bring To You

These are the benefits which this website is intended to bring to you:

  • the opportunity to understand and appreciate disruptive trends
  • the chance to employ, and/or monitor the progress of, disruptive technology
  • the ability to contribute to, and potentially guide, discussions of topics that will be effected by disruption
  • a place to discover new areas of disruption to follow
  • a site to obtain intellectual satisfaction from learning of new disruptive technologies, scientific breakthroughs, etc.
  • enjoy the excitement of discovering new ideas and possibilities that will have a disruptive effect on the future
  • enjoy being ahead of the general public in learning and knowing of future disruptive trends
  • avoid being blindsided by a disruptive event, technology, etc.
  • become informed about disruptive technology, science, etc. and therefore be able to be informed and intelligently discuss it when it becomes popular news
  • share the excitement of disruptive trends with others who have a similar interest

The Disruptive News Site: Join Us

To Discover and Share The Excitement

of Disruptive Innovations, Discoveries,

Ideas, Trends and Events

That Will Determine The Future.

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